My Video Library Media search engine is new app available for smart phones, tablets, and PCs and even has a Set Top Box. Search, find, and watch favorite shows, series, movies, movie trailers or critic reviews - INSTANTLY. Only $4.99/mth after the trial ends.

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“There is nothing higher than service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.” - Woodrow T. Wilson

Android Devices

For Android smartphones and tablets. iPhone and Windows Mobile coming soon.

Customer support

24/7 Customer support. Call Center and Live Chat representatives available.

Intelligent design

MVL high definition multiple option user experience makes navigation easy to use.

Simply Affordable

For $4.99/month, MVL delivers unlimited entertainment at the right price.

Awesome app rich in features

"Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be." - Khalil Gibran

Updated Every 30 Minutes

Automatic flagging self-cleaning data. Each time a customer uses the search engine it makes it better for the next user

Extremely Easy to Use

The user interface is constantly evolving. Ideal for tablets of all sizes and any Window PC or Laptop, work to improve smartphone UI is in progress

Perfect on Retina Displays

Our algorithm scours the web every 15 mins and finds the best highest resolution entertainment media and delivers

Easy Subscription Sign-Up

Recent additional support for Facebook signup and the new PayPal subscription has brought MVL to the entire globe.

Favorites and Recommendations

The MVL team are working feverishly to release the new FaRe media portal allowing customers to set up what they want to watch.

Subtitles and Language

MVL has already launched it 5 language subtitle option in all versions of the app with more to come. The next step is audio dubs.

Multimedia Gallery

Learn about My Video Library and the MVL Media Search Engine

Look awesome on PCs & Laptops

The MVL App is also compatible with Windows PCs and Laptops. Enjoy today on Window XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 9. High definition is also supported on the Windows version, giving you the sharp video experience similar to what you are accustomed to on the smartphone / tablet version of the MVL MyVideoLibrary Media Search Engine.  
  • DVD & HD Quality playback.

  • Auto-complete predictive text when searching

  • Turn on subtitles when available

  • Trailers & critics reviews available

App Screenshots

MVL is the ultimate app for everything entertainment. From watching Movies and TV shows, to reading critic reviews, subscribers can watch movie trailer and television series preview as well. Powered by the My Video Library media search engine, MVL delivers full-length Movies and TV shows to your Android phone or tablet instantly. Download for free and begin enjoying your 7-Day free trial.   Android App StoreAmazon App Store

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NASCAR - Talladega, AL | SS Greenlight and Jimmy Weller team up with MyVideoLibrary in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

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